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Curated, global competitive intelligence dashboards for continuous technology forecasting, investing and innovation

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Competitive intelligence software used by IP, R&D and M&A professionals

Intellar adds certainty to intellectual property development, technology scouting & dealmaking


Intellar dashboards deliver technology business insights in 3 ways

Cloud analytics

Slide presentations

News updates

Three in One

How Intellar dashboards intelligently track your hot topics

Intellar's trusted curation process guarantees you see all the intelligence your team needs, and none of the data they don't


Describe your business & competitive goals in your own language

Use natural language ask strategic competitive intelligence, technology market or IP landscape questions

Describe your business & competitive goals in your own language
Agents begin continuous IP, technology & market data collection

Agents begin continuous IP, technology & market data collection

Initial queries are established to stream relevant news, literature & patents to our servers, enabling Intellar to learn optimal data cleaning, categorization and curation routines


AI extracts meaningful categories, events & sectors, sanity-checked by experts

Deep learning artificial intelligence (quality-controlled by human analysts) tags, screens and elevates just the trends, topics, events and sectors you need to consider now

AI extracts meaningful categories, events & sectors, sanity-checked by experts
Explore & export business profiles from the cloud with minimal time & effort

Explore & export business profiles from the cloud with minimal time & effort

Trusted IP & technology business insights are securely shared to teams in the cloud on a discrete or continuous basis. See satellite & helicopter views of strategic deals, relationships & assets, with drilldown to individual events. Comment, vote and analyze favorite trends and export beautiful slide decks for presentation.

How It Works

Intellar curates daily intelligence you explore with clicks & taps

AI surfaces insights from global patents, literature, news, deals, products, investments, litigation & your favorite data sources

Browse smart profiles that quickly summarize organizations, relationships & portfolios

Quantify a firm's innovation capabilities, depict company investment trends and highlight organizational IP strengths, with drill-downs on key people, locations and collaborators

Map the market value of relationships between business leaders and innovation topics

Cloud-based technology landscaping, patent analytics and market mapping depicts competitive portfolios, growth trends and innovation opportunities

Isolate any point of view or time slice with simple but powerful filters

Click, sort and slide to screen for hidden business relationships, disruptive technology changes and emerging IP trends in each of the major views in Intellar

Reveal emerging technologies & events by features, benefits & uses

Machine learning applies expert rules to curate taxonomies on your behalf. Scout for disruptive technologies & map the impact of critical market events worldwide

Quickly compare strategic activities across entities

High speed comparisons illustrate strengths and weaknesses across key players, topics, events and geographies

Identify meaningful white spaces

Rapidly sort visualizations to showcase sparse data and elevate weak signals that your team can leverage

Leverage the most useful market research & IP search reports, ever

Escalate or ignore your curated records with ease. Link out to favorite patent, news, literature and open web sources as well as your own databases. Create technology landscapes, patent maps, intelligence newsletters, market research reports, novelty search reports, freedom to operate search reports and validity search reports. Export records and metadata to Excel

Collaborate & get the team on the same page

Capture knowledge via comments, votes and favorites, from our team and yours. Mark up and prioritize any entity, asset or trend. Export and share your findings to gain consensus

Editor summaries present highlights to you

The Intellar curation team (part human, part AI) ensures that each dataset refresh contains updated technology, market and IP summaries to guide you and your team to competitive success sooner

Organize insights & export slides

Automatically generate interactive presentation content with AI-generated narrative text & analysis. Export to PowerPoint slides and distribute to colleagues

Features & Benefits

Intellar attracts interest and translates well to any language





Example Intellar dashboards in emerging technologies

Access live landscape trackers to surface leaders, discover deals & spot new trends

Augmented Reality

Capture relevant IP, digital innovations, partnering & news to follow the exponentially growing virtual & augmented reality markets.


Review last 5 years+ of news, partnerships, deals & IP about blockchain, cryptocurrencies & distributed ledger technologies.


Scout for new technologies related to processing novel organic polymers and natural thermoplastics for open innovation sourcing.

Cancer Immunotherapy

Track new clinical trials, drug approvals, compound licensing and partnering deals for immunotherapy addressing melanoma.


Monitor monthly IP, literature and product launches for disruptive autonomous vehicles, drone networks and related business models.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Watch global patents, standards, digital solutions & news linked to the smart energy grid, part of the IoT. 


See who is doing what, where & when in your technology landscape

Captures competitor IP in learned topic areas

Maps global firms, people, locations, topics & events

Follows deals, products, forecasts and milestones

Detects risks, visualizes gaps and quantifies white spaces

Pinpoints partners and collaborators

Tracks positive, negative and influential events


Trusted by innovation leaders across industries

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