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Use our permissioned data or yours. One query searches 200+ million news, IP & literature records. Link to premium tools or import from discovery APIs, XML & RSS feeds.

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Natural language processing (NLP) cleans the data, machine learning categorizes it and artificial intelligence suggests opportunities, greatly speeding competitive analysis.

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Visualizations click through to underlying data, which in turn link to source records on original or premium websites. Seeing the same evidence in different contexts builds high confidence for action.

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Intellar highlights significant changes and you can too. Start a threaded conversation on any record, firm or sector. Capture votes to prioritize. Track usage by view & sentiment to tailor content.


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Streamlined data prep & visualization eliminates manual steps, exposes hidden relationships, spots conflicts and unmasks competitors



Connect to your/our global database, web and feed sources to retrieve precise intelligence once or continuously. Use a simple query to automatically return results to your project over any frequency you choose. Then Intellar takes over to filter noise, extract metadata, clean errors and normalize names.



Extract and assign topic categories to elevate key trends and events. Intellar algorithms (and experts if you prefer) semantically cluster your data with customizable rule-based taxonomies. Intellar applies these fuzzy rules to capture patterns in business events, technology topics and industry segments to help you make comparisons, anticipate trends & predict changes over time.


Correlate & Communicate

See and share who is doing what, where & when in your market sector, technology domain or IP space. Collapsing visualizations empower users to ignore noise and rapidly explore critical relationships from macro to micro views. Copy resulting business insights to executive presentations, forward snippets to others or download abstracts and links in Excel. Measure usage & repeat on a schedule.

<b>Correlate & Communicate</b>

Each Intellar publication is 3 intelligence briefings in 1

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Track deals, spot new IP & map hot trends in these landscapes

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Augmented Reality

Capture relevant IP, digital innovations, partnering & news to follow the exponentially growing virtual & augmented reality markets.


Review last 5 years+ of news, partnerships, deals & IP about blockchain, cryptocurrencies & distributed ledger technologies.


Scout for new technologies related to processing novel organic polymers and natural thermoplastics for open innovation sourcing.

Cancer Immunotherapy

Track new clinical trials, drug approvals, compound licensing and partnering deals for immunotherapy addressing melanoma.


Monitor monthly IP, literature and product launches for disruptive autonomous vehicles, drone networks and related business models.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Watch global patents, standards, digital solutions & news linked to the smart energy grid, part of the IoT. 


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