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Intellar tracks emerging technologies, breaking events, & leading players to fuel the strategies of researchers, attorneys & investors

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Intellar is a friendly current awareness monitoring solution

Auto-curated content from premium & open news sources is transformed into strategic research that answers business questions

Who will get a strategic leg up,
or affect ours?

Watch competitor moves while discovering unexpected players & relationships. Screen for emerging behavioral & investing trends across dozens of smart topics. Anticipate deals, litigation and new product launches.

Which technologies are favored?
Any white spaces?

Chart the growth of innovation pipelines to detect new products, services and business models. Compare changes to see who will grow, or predict what might fizzle. Use the insights to power your next opportunity.

Who are competitors or partners,
large and small?

Browse up to date innovation summaries maintained for every player in your industry. Drill down to find key people and IP in context of customer needs. Quantify opportunities to share a story or start a conversation.

Who could replace a product
that we already have?

Spot which emerging products, key patents and new technologies are trending to reveal potential disruption or obsolescence. Use pre-built precise taxonomies to find adjacent technologies and simulate transactions.

What are the best new
business opportunities for us?

Simple filtering highlights influential businesses, people and regions. Seek small firms with differentiated IP? 2 clicks to potential acquisitions. Want to expand to new markets? 2 more clicks to promising partners.

How can staying up to date
be put on autopilot?

Intellar automatically extracts patterns from growing topics across 200 million data records, providing just the insights you seek. Spend your precious time simply filtering new opportunities instead of hunting for them.


Easily compare & contrast business trends

Collapsing interfaces quickly reveal competitive advantages in context to build confidence

Distill actionable business insights from all angles

Expose once-hidden relationships to quantify connections between organizations, the technologies they invent, the deals they drive & the opportunities they create.

Track leaders, laggards, suppliers, licensees & partners

Use signals intelligence to identify emerging organizations and their capabilities. Map supplier-customer patterns. See & share who has what to impact IP investment and technology deal-making.

Comment, vote & collaborate in context

Review automatic flagging of high interest trends,and add your own comments. Hold conversations with other users in context. Add votes & sort by popularity.

Continuously monitor global data sources

Intellar can crawl & ingest content sets to cover global IP, industry news and material events. Have a special data source? We will help you get it imported, categorized and summarized.

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Click, tap, touch to instantly analyze the competition

Filter to just the insights you need, share them quickly & act confidently

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See who is going where in the competitive landscape

Powerful technology landscaping visualization streams trends by firm, category & document type. Remain alert to valuable IP, innovation & business relationships from emerging patents, literature & news.

Compare relationships within, among industries

Intellar places firms into automated & expert-defined groups to anticipate opportunities. Spot leaders & laggards, carve out research centers, benchmark competitors, or see if customers may soon become suppliers.

Screen technologies & events like stocks

Intellar uses precise taxonomies to map incoming data to the latest technology domains and high value business events. Detect emerging innovations and shifting business conditions in a few simple clicks or taps, to update your investment thesis.

Get bullet points on growing, dense & sparse topics

Contextual overviews inserted by expert editors and proven algorithms compare changes to highlight strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & risks in terms that senior management appreciates.

Find critical records & trends, no hassle

Intellar automates tedious patent, literature & news gathering workflows for exponential time savings. Give your experts their time back in alerting, intelligence, IP search, tech scouting and market research.

Export content & comments

Intellar provides paradigm-shifting data cleaning, extraction, NLP, tagging and annotation on the fly. Share any of this critical metadata with other people and tools. Format content just the way it needs to be for maximum appreciation.

Leverage a back end built for convenience & control

Add, extract, summarize and syndicate using the best of machine learning


Combine any text data on a schedule

Search across patents, literature, news, press releases, social, web feeds, RSS, internal documents, XML, JSON and just about anything else you can think of.

Combine any text data on a schedule
Succinctly organize topics & categories

Succinctly organize topics & categories

We provide NLP & rule-based taxonomies that intelligently extract and precisely categorize text. Use Intellar categories to efficiently analyze the hot technologies, growing sectors and global events in your IP-intensive industry to illuminate emerging trends & deals over time.


Generate & customize auto-summaries

Intellar knows just who and what to measure. Smart algorithms seek significant change across firms, topics, events, sectors, people, regions and timelines. Intellar automatically assembles narrative summaries, ready to tweak, to show the headlines first.

Generate & customize auto-summaries
Key Features

Who uses Intellar competitive intelligence?

Hundreds of busy technology professionals make weekly or monthly decisions with Intellar


Trusted by IP & Innovation Leaders

Bringing teams smiles, not piles

  • Avon
  • Boral
  • Coca-Cola
  • Huber
  • Whirlpool
  • PNNL

Continuous monitoring case studies

How others use Intellar to track competitors & monitor hot topics


Monitor monthly IP, literature and product launch announcements for market development opportunities. Screen for deals and acquirers to price patent licenses and position new products for revenue growth.

Airless tires

Competitive landscape on new forms of vehicle mobility solutions. Watch technologies in materials, processes, functional improvements. Collect market research trends and mine growth forecasts.

Cancer immunotherapy

Track new clinical trials, approvals, licenses and deals in the immunotherapy landscape. Evaluate IP & capabilities of potential partners, from government labs to research institutes to startups.

Augmented reality

Capture relevant patents & news extracted from massive global publishing around virtual, mixed & augmented reality. Map disruptive changes by week as devices & services come online.

Connected homes

Detect weekly IP & innovations linked to Internet of Things (IoT) offerings from hardware, software and platform firms. Report out high value sensor data trends in US, Europe, Korea, China & Japan.


Open innovation tech scouting for new chemistries in biopolymers and natural plastics, for processes beyond catalysis & fermentation. Focus on fast moving consumer goods firms & consortia.

Case Studies


Common questions and answers about the Intellar service
  • What does the Intellar service do?

    Intellar generates compelling stories and attractive analytic reports to answer business questions. Intellar automates a proven tech mining & analytics workflow, designed by experts and executed by artificial intelligence, to extract insights from global patents, literature & news. Intellar continuously processes information according to your goals, then securely shares summarized results with teams in the cloud.

  • Which decisions can you help with?

    Intellar can answer many business questions asked by executives. You can use Intellar to inform IP decisions in patent analysis, intellectual property strategy, technology transfer, and licensing. Intellar also informs business decisions in corporate development, economic development and venture investing. Intellar supports technology decisions in open innovation, technology scouting and white space identification.

  • How many people can use Intellar?

    Cloud-based publications and competitive intelligence from Intellar may be privately accessed by any number of invited users, all for one low per-publication or subscription fee, depending on your plan.

  • What are the data sources?

    Intellar can import our/your/any patent, literature or news data. Intellar can also import other open or deep web records, as long as we and you have rights to access then. Open sources include Google, Pubmed, RSS feeds, USPTO data and more. Deep web sources include structured records exported from analytics tools, citation databases, conference proceedings, newswires, social media and many more.


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